• Making a decision on starting the process of creating a web shop

Identification of the real need for creating a web-shop

Establish preliminary organizational activities in order to realize the web-shop project – determine one person in charge of implementing the project, create the desired time frame, decide which assortment will go online and which will not, etc.

Ensure management support.

  • An initial specification created by the business owner

Defining the basic functionalities (online payment, Paypal yes or no, customer registration, what the administrator should see, whether it connects with the delivery person automatically, etc.)

Determining the approximate budget for the web-shop.

Determining the goals of the new shop (achieving monthly sales of X KM, expanding the assortment, better communication with existing MP and VP customers, etc.)

Detecting 2-3 existing shops that the owner likes

  • Sending inquiries to IT companies for creating a shop

Contact at least 2-3 companies (list of IT companies)

Conduct meetings with each of them, collect the questions that were asked and add the answers to those questions to the previously written specification

Based on the meeting with the companies, it should be decided whether it is better to go with the project of creating a custom web-shop, i.e. shop that was created just for your needs or creating a shop using an existing open source platform (ready-made solution).

  • Call for offers to IT companies and selection of the best

The final, detailed specification (determined after several meetings) should be sent in the invitation to tender.

It is important to take into account the conditions of the offer (beginning of development, end, which technologies are proposed by the IT company and why, whether staff training is included in that offer, who develops the shop at the end, who provides hosting, the domain, which is payment system proposed by the company – you should ask the company not only for an offer, but also for a short consulting review of the project along with the offer.

Selection of the best offer

  • Creating a shop and comparative internal activities

Continuous monitoring of the creation of the shop, requests for incremental delivery of the completed work

Along with the creation of texts (content) for the web-shop, the assortment that will be offered in the shop (photographing of products, preparation of descriptions, prices), it is necessary to establish an agreement with the payment system, the delivery company – delivery in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Marketing activities: announcing the publication of the shop, branding it, adequate marketing campaign

  • Publication of the shop and post-publication activities

Shop announcement

Monitoring analytical tools on the number of visits, the number of completed orders, customer satisfaction

Carrying out shop usage tests on people from the environment in order to determine the rate of coping and intuitiveness of the shop

Regular maintenance of the shop from the technical side, updating tools and technologies

Improvements as needed

Care should be taken that customers do not wait longer than 1 hour for answers.