What should happen or change if BiH online shoppers buy more often?

  • Changing customers’ perception of purchase security

It is often mistakenly thought that online shopping is unsafe or risky, but the fact is that online payments are just as safe as payments via POS terminals, i.e. cards in stores.

  • Greater safety and reliability of purchase

The certainty that they actually receive the product they bought (that it is delivered, that it matches the description)

  • Faster delivery, lower costs and reliable delivery

As a company that has its own web-shop, you should choose a reliable partner for delivery, and respect delivery deadlines. The list of companies dealing with logistics, i.e. delivery to B&H can be found on our portal.

  • Better / larger selection of goods in online stores

According to the research of the eCommerce market in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of consumers (individuals) and the business sector, conducted by Valicon Sarajevo, the groups that do not buy online, the reasons why they do not buy online and what should happen or change if the current “non-shoppers” start shopping online.