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The eComm Association is the first in BiH to introduce its "Trust eComm" security stamp as an additional guarantee to customers that the eComm Association has carried out the necessary checks of procedures and processes at that merchant, and that merchant meets required standards and performs online transactions in a correct, reliable and secure manner and that the risk of buying from such a merchant is minimized.

Because whether we like it or not, a huge part of the shopping population still distrusts online shopping. Afraid of potential fraud, many people often give up this type of purchase  altogether or are very afraid to try new web shops.


By using the Trust eComm it is possible to establish trust with clients and build credibility in the eCommerce market. The fact that an external, impartial body carries out checks and establishes criteria creates a sense of protection for customers within the online environment. It is especially important when the customer knows that not respecting his rights can cost the web shop this certification.


So, if you're an eCommerce business owner who wants to increase online sales and establish trust with customers, get in touch to get the eComm trustmark displayed on your websit

All registered companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which sell products or services via the Internet and have a web shop, have the right to apply.


It is important to emphasize that the possibility of applying and obtaining an eComm trustmark are not the same. Only companies that meet predetermined criteria and standards after application become a certified web shop.

The price for obtaining the Trustmark for one year is 200 KM including VAT per business entity.


With Trustmark, you will ensure security and trust for your customers and create a competitive advantage in the online market.


This service is free for premium members while other members receive a corresponding discount

  1. Step: Trustmark application via form
  2. Step: Analysis of your web shop according to certain criteria and standards
  3. Step: Our answer


Positive response:

  1. Step: Payment of trustmark
  2. Step: Technical implementation of Trustmark. Its visibility is controlled by the eComm Association, so the company cannot decide on its own that it "deserved" it.


Negative response:

  1. Step: Corrections based on our suggestions on how to comply with the criteria and standards
  2. Step : Rechecking the web shop
  1. Step: If the answer is positive, the company pays and we start the technical implementation, if the answer is negative, it receives new suggestions.


Association "eComm" throughout the year carries out random checks of certified web shops and retains the possibility of removing the eComm trustmark in case of non-compliance with the criteria, and obtaining the implementation of the requested corrections.

After a company receives a trustmark, it remains valid for the next year, after which the process of checking predetermined standards and criteria is repeated. If all are respected and of course the company realizes the annual payment - the eComm trustmark is renewed.


Exceptions are cases when, during random checks, we notice that a company that already owns a trustmark does not follow the previously communicated rules. Then we send reminders and requests to fulfill the rules - and ultimately, if all are ignored, the Trustmark will be removed.

Izuzetak je u slučaju da tokom provjera primjetimo da kompanija, koja već posjeduje Trustmark, ne poštuje ranije dogovorena pravila. U ovakvim situacijama podsjetimo i upozorimo na ispunjenja pravila. Ukoliko kompanija ne reaguje na naše dopise, pristupamo uklanjanju Trustmark-a.

Trustmark applications are open throughout the year.

For additional questions, feel free to write to our email


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eComm trustmark criteria

Clear and accurate information about the identity of the web shop
Available customer support channels
Accurate product descriptions
Clear return policies

For more information, download the code of conduct:


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