• Larger range of products (availability, variety, products that are not available in Bosnia and Herzegovina)


The Internet is a new market without borders that allows you to order goods from all over the country, as well as abroad. A larger selection means a better offer.


It is important to emphasize that if you have your own web-shop, it does not mean that you do not need to be a part of another online shopping site such as OLX, ekupi, OREA, etc. Quality marketing and presence at other shopping centers increase your chances of reaching as many customers as possible, as well as informing as many of them as possible about your web shop. You can find more about OLX and OREA platforms for buying and selling on their websites: https://www.olx.ba/ and https://www.oreabazaar.com/bs/blog/2254/kako-radi-orea.

  • Product comparison options


One of the most common reasons people give for shopping online is that they can browse and compare dozens of stores and products at once.


Instead of having to travel from store to store or aisle to aisle, savvy online shoppers simply navigate from one website to another comparing stores and those stores’ products.


They search for reviews of your products. They compare price, quality and customer service – and they can do it all online.

  • More acceptable product price

A larger selection means a better offer, but also the probability that you will find what you are looking for at a better price.


Also, many customers use a hybrid shopping system, where they visit a brick-and-mortar store to determine exactly what they want and then look for better prices in online stores. This is especially true for categories like clothing, where the customer wants to touch, feel and try on the product.


They visit a brick-and-mortar store, find the exact product they want, and head online to find the best price.

  • Experiences of other consumers


A large number of web-shops allow customers to rate the product or write a short review about it. It is an excellent indicator of the quality of the product and the web-shop and can help you in your purchase decision.

  • Simplicity and affordability


Shopping is done from your home, the offer is more transparent, and it is delivered to your home address. 


You can shop now when it suits you. The web-shop has no working hours. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You shop with maximum comfort and save time and energy.


You perform the selection and purchase process from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to get dressed to go to the grocery store, you can do everything in your pajamas. You also save the energy that you would spend on visiting stores in search of products at the best prices. You can check it on the Internet with the click of a mouse.

  • Time saving


The only resource that can rival money today is time. As a result, “saving time” is often cited as a reason for shopping online.


People who shop online consciously trade instant gratification (getting the product right away) for the time savings and other benefits of online shopping.