Want to learn how to successfully market a product and become a skilled online marketer? Interested in e-market?  Are you an entrepreneur or intend to become one? Then we have just the thing for you!

The eCommerce Academy groupes the lectures into 5 thematic units, with 4 lectures each, thus covering all the key processes within the online store

Introduction to internet sales

  • Market research and analysis
  • Choice and setting of goals and needs
  • The basics of online sales
  • Online sales platforms (technology and contractors)
  • Setting up your own webshop project
  • User experience with brand and point of sale (UX / CX)
  • Billing and delivery of goods
  • Laws in online shopping
  • Examples from practice (Case studies)

Jasmin Marić

Business Development Manager at OLX Group

Business and organization of e-commerce

  • Processes and organization behind a successful e-commerce business;
  • Connection with ERP/Business Information System
  • E-commerce and fiscalization
  • Logistics
  • Security and payment
  • Exchanges and returns
  • Financial management
  • Rights and obligations of the merchant
  • Examples from practice (case studies)

Marijana Dimitrić

Regional Head of E-commerce Sport Vision Group

Webshop Analysis and Online Transaction Monitoring Guide

  • An Introduction to Guaranteed Satisfaction: Develop Customer Loyalty
  • Basics of sales psychology – what is important to customers?
  • User bases and customer care
  • Reviews and how to use them
  • How to deal with negative reviews
  • How to satisfy an unsatisfied customer
  • What can you give customers to keep them happy?
  • Why it’s important to take care of customers
  • Examples from practice (case studies)

Ivan Tanasković

eCommerce Lead, L’Oréal Adria-Balkan

Sales and customer satisfaction

  • GA basics and history, an introduction to GA4, and instructions for activating GA4
  • Connecting the web shop with analytical tools
  • 10 key metrics for a webshop
  • A guide to measuring online conversions
  • Why customers give up in the buying process
  • Acquiring new or retaining existing customers?
  • The 5 most important pages of every online store

Andraž Gavez

Founder & CEO; BAM – become a master

Digital marketing for web stores

  • Advertising on Google
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Native advertising
  • Growth hacking tactics
  • Blog
  • Email marketing
  • Basics of inbound marketing
  • SEO writing for the web
  • Webshop analysis
  • Case studies (examples from practice)

Edin Halilović

Co-Founder & CEO, Lilium d.o.o.

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Applications start in autumn every year.

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Experiences of the first eCommerce Academy participants

  • 40 hours of education, through lectures by prominent experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region
  • Mentoring program and the possibility of practical application of knowledge with the support of mentors for the 20 most active participants
  • Online sales skills
  • An insight into the latest trends in this type of business
  • “Little secrets” of successful online retailers and e-market leaders!
  • An opportunity to network with regional experts and domestic companies
  • Certificate for participation in the Academy and the mentoring program

The following have the right to participate:

  • Companies from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of size, years of operation or industry to which they belong
  • Persons who plan to open an online store or are seeking a job in this industry
  • Students of related faculties


Several participants can apply form one company and attend the Academy individually, but within the Mentoring Program they are treated as a team since they apply their knowledge to the same company.

The price will be published just before the applications open.

Premium members of the “eComm” Association get free participation, while other members get a discount

The teaching part of the Academy lasts about 2 months, while the duration of the mentoring depends on the companies and mentors themselves, as they choose the pace and duration of the sessions themselves within the overall time frame set by us.

The entire academy program takes place online! All lectures are recorded, so you can always listen to what you missed later.

But naturally, we leave the possibility of holding the opening ceremony live so that the participants can gather at least once.


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“E-commerce Academy” is a project implemented by the Association for Internet Trade “eComm” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project concept was developed with the support of the Government of Switzerland through the activities of the MarketMakers project, and the partner Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH makes it possible to attend the Academy for Small and Medium Enterprises.