According to the conclusion of the Seventh Annual GS1 Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina entitled “50 years of the transformation of tomorrow”, the digitization process is not fully completed until a paperless business is established.


The conference gathered more than 150 participants from production, distribution, trade and other sectors of the distribution chain. Through innovative lectures and meaningful panel discussions, participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and opportunities in the industry and explore them together.


In his speech, the director of GS1 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adi Turković, touched on the history of barcodes, considering that this year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their introduction and the revolution they brought, first in commerce, and then in other industries. He pointed out that the former Yugoslavia started using barcodes in Sarajevo in 1975.


So far, we have had the opportunity to learn more about:

✅ key aspects of business process digitalization

✅ what digitalization really looks like in practice

✅ one of the inevitable topics lately is AI, in this case the method of application in Logistics


📣 President of the Association Jasmin Maric and Esma Sarajlic Mebarki in front of Valicon presented the results of our recent research to the participants – Shoppers Mind: user experience in online shopping. It was also explained how the Association itself wants to promote the development of online trade in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


And anyone who would like to find out the results of the research, which included over 3000 online customers – we invite you to contact us at:


In the partnership section with stands, participants can learn more about the Association itself from our Operational coordinator Amina Hasovic.


Thanks to GS1 Bosnia and Herzegovina for the great organization – we look forward to the remaining topics until the end of the day.


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