With the aim of supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina on the road to digitization, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) held a conference at the end of May called “USAID Presents: Digitalization for Development – Restarting the Digital Ecosystem of Bosnia and Herzegovina” in Sarajevo, where the Analysis of the current digital system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the age of digitization, technology has the power to reshape industries, society and the economy. Digital transformation is key to opening numerous new opportunities, increasing efficiency and encouraging innovation in various sectors.


Over 200 key actors gathered at the event, who presented the steps needed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to take advantage of the benefits of digitization for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the presentation of the results of the Digital Ecosystem Analysis in BiH, a panel discussion was held with leading experts and government representatives on various topics related to digitization.


Jasmin Marić, president of the association, participated in front of the eComm Association.


USAID’s Digital Ecosystem Analysis of BiH (DECA) was conducted from December 2021 to June 2022, identifying unique opportunities for development, but also potential risks in the digital system of B&H. DECA covered a wide range of topics within the three pillars of digitization: digital infrastructure, rights and governance of the digital society, and the digital economy.


The research showed that B&H is well connected via the Internet, but that it has the highest prices for Internet services in the region. Also, it was determined that the lack of a state strategy for wireless access slows down the further development of information and communication technology, and that there is no comprehensive framework that would regulate citizens’ rights and access to digital technology. Also, government institutions use digital technologies inefficiently.


Based on these results, the USAID Analysis recommends the cooperation of all actors in the development of a unified policy and strategy for managing and investing in the digital ecosystem. The goal is to encourage innovation, strengthen cyber security and provide better education to citizens.