This year’s conference of the Association of Business Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ABSL), which took place in Sarajevo, was marked by knowledge sharing, networking and useful topics.


Adi Softić, manager for relations with members in ABSL BiH, emphasized that they are focused on making strides in this organization, which represent the core of their activities.


“Our organization is progressing through a step forward in cooperation with the private and public sector, with talents, new members and partners. This is what shapes our industry as the fastest growing sector. For this year’s conference, we really made an effort to carefully monitor the pulse of our members and the entire market during the past twelve months, since our previous conference,” he said.


He added that they had the support of their members and partners such as Colliers and Manpower, who provided them with quality statistical insights. They also learned about talent trends and the state of the real estate market.


“The slogan of this year’s conference ‘Shaping possibilities’ naturally arose from our activities in the market. We decided to organize the conference in cooperation with our members as much as possible. The goal was to include everyone who has quality resources to participate in the event, from the agenda to the participation of managers for engagement, public relations and other activities,” explained the member relations manager in ABSL BiH.


This year, they made an effort to ensure that the people presented at the conference were new people from member companies.


“These are people who stand out with their results and recommendations from different communication teams in our members. We did not limit ourselves to directors, but included the entire management structure that contributes to success. We also value expertise. I think that today’s event is just one of the indicators of our progress and efforts to make the association a gathering place for people who want the progress of this society and economy, and who recognize the importance of sharing knowledge, data and cooperation.”