Federal Minister of Trade Zlatan Vujanović held a meeting with representatives of the Association for Internet Trade “eComm” in B&H, where they discussed the possibilities of improvement and further development of the eCommerce sector in the country.

It was jointly assessed that the eCommerce sector can be a strong generator of the overall development of our country, which is why the new Draft Law on Internal Trade of FB&H includes provisions that define online trade in more detail. Minister Vujanović pointed out that the new legal framework modernizes the field of trade in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and introduces better solutions into the increasingly widespread practice of online trade.


Representatives of the eComm Association will actively participate in the process of public discussion on the Draft Law on Internal Trade of the FBiH and offer their proposals and views on the necessary aspects of improving the mentioned law, so that it reflects and takes into account the current and practical state of online trade in BiH.


The meeting also discussed the results of the Association’s work and the needs of actors recognized in the eCommerce sector, and pointed out the barriers to the further development of entrepreneurship, such as the high costs of banking services, the lack of advanced services (packet machines), the lack of data, the difference in laws in B&H (FB&H and RS), to the understanding of the eCommerce sector on the part of the inspector, the necessary continuous education of the market. The association will launch initiatives for changes to by-laws in cooperation with institutions.


Many thanks to Minister Zlatan Vujanović, and Amra Vučijak, Assistant Minister and Aida Soko, PhD, Advisor to the Minister, for the support and readiness for changes in online shopping.


The meeting was attended by Alma Ahmic Ahmić – Executive Director of eComm Association, Jasmin Marić – Business Development Manager OLX, Feđa Bičakčić – Baroš, Bičakčić & Partners, Ermin Brkić – Korpa.ba.